The Benefits of Dancing for KidsEdit

You may have noticed how your little bundle of joy goes into raptures upon hearing various musical tunes. He/she may probably start moving around and sway, bobbing up and down and clapping when they hear the music. It  may indicate that they have a natural flair for music and dancing which could be further developed if you veer them in that direction.

Apart from improving their gross motor skills, which are already somewhat developed in children between the ages of one and two, music and dancing can improve the functioning of their brains as well, helping them to think and work in a more creative manner, which will help them later in life.  

Dancing is an ideal way to channel the boundless levels of energy that children seem to have. It may be even more suitable for very young children who are still not capable of mastering sporting activities. Most of the best nurseries in Dubai believe that this is so and work on the principle of teaching dancing for their students.

Kidville, the leading kids nursery Dubai is another preschool which has taken the concept of dancing for students rather seriously. It has music and dance classes specially designed for children under the age of six months, between six and 12 months, between 12 and 18 months, between 18 and 24 months, and then for two, three, four, five and six-year-olds. Each class is organised with the specific age group in mind, with aesthetic activities meant to enhance and harness the skills and talents of that particular age group.

Some of the specially designed music and dance programmes of this kids nursery Dubai are Rockin' Railroad, KVU extended the programme, Next Stop, Hip Hop, Belly Buttons and I'm With the Band.  

Some of the benefits dancing offers children are:

  • Improvement in physical health - A child's flexibility, physical strength and stamina and the range of motion can be improved through regular dance practice. Dancing involves repetitive body movements which can result in improved posture, muscle tone, balance and coordination, cardiovascular health as well as better overall health. Since dancing is a form of aerobic exercise, it can help obese children lose weight and improve their eating habits.

  • Socialisation skills - As dancing is a social activity, it will help children improve their socialisation and communication skills. They will learn to make new friends, work as part of a team and learn to cooperate with each other. Shy children would especially benefit from dance lessons as they learn to associate with other children of the same age and teach them to perform in front of others without fear or anxiety.

  • Better performance academically - It takes focus, discipline and practice to make a good dancer. These are skills which are needed for a child to perform well in the academic arena as well in other areas of life in future. It has been shown that children who follow dance classes regularly perform better in education too.

  • Improved self-esteem - Children gain a better sense of their bodies through the different postures and movements in dance. This helps them boost their self-esteem and confidence while also inculcating a more positive attitude and helping better self-expression. This would especially help those who are physically or mentally impaired or those undergoing difficult emotional situations.

  • Teaches the value of artistic and aesthetic activities

These are just a few of the benefits of dancing for children. Now that you are aware of them, why not enrol your toddler in Kidville, one of the best nurseries in Dubai, which places a lot of emphasis on music and dancing so that your kid stands to gain all these benefits?

Dancing, a Wonderful Activity for Kids   Edit

Obesity, as we all know, is a serious health problem which has struck people from all corners of the world and all walks of life. It hasn't spared the rich or poor; children or adults. In fact, the number of children afflicted by obesity has become a major issue worrying authorities across the divide. Obesity has been increasingly making inroads into modern children's lives and has become a phenomenon which affects even very young children.

The main reason for the growing scourge of obesity is the modern tendency for a sedentary lifestyle. People tend to sit in front of their computers the whole day without moving about much. This goes for children too; they too sit at their computers, mobile devices and gaming machines the whole day without even getting out of the house unlike in the good old days when children loved to spend time outdoors and play with each other. This, coupled with fast food which is full of fat, sugar and salt, has contributed to children becoming inactive, unhealthy and obese. Even very young children including toddlers haven't escaped this fate.

A way to get children out of obesity is to get them involved in physical activities. There are various activities that one could think of such as sports, playing games with each other, dancing, exercises and even playing with a pet such as a dog outdoors. What you can introduce to your child would depend largely on how much your child would like and enjoy that activity. For instance, there may be some children who don't like sporting activities all that much, but enjoy dancing instead; remember Billy Elliot?

Even the best nurseries in Dubai have realised the importance of introducing children to dancing. That is why most of them have introduced dancing in their school curriculums so that children learn the value of dancing from a young age and incorporate it into their routines even later in life. Kidville, a top Kids nursery Dubai, has been conducting dancing classes for its students, even the youngest ones, as it strongly believes in this co-relation  between dancing and a child's physical and mental development.

Since it's an intense physical activity, dancing will help children to get moving and work the muscles in their bodies which may otherwise lie dormant. This would contribute a great deal to a child's fitness level and physical development. A child's level of coordination will also receive a tremendous boost through dancing, which will help them later when learning activities such as riding a bicycle and multi-tasking. Strength and endurance are other aspects which will improve with dancing.

You may know that there are 642 muscles in the human body. Dancing is an activity which utilises a large number of these muscles and therefore works the body in a big way. By practising dancing, children will gain an idea about what their bodies, as well as each limb, can do and how they work in tandem with each other. It will give them a sense of adventure and impose challenges on them to see what more they can do with dance movements.

Teaching Children to Count  Edit

We all know how important numbers are in our day-to-day lives. Whether we are out shopping and adding, subtracting and comparing prices, whether we have to pay our bus or train fare and count how much we should receive as balance or simply to see how many more minutes we have left until we hit our project deadline, numbers come into play. Understanding numbers and the role they play in our lives is just as important as knowing our ABCs.

Learning about numbers and their importance is crucial for all children if they are to gain a foothold in the academic horizon and make progress in life. Most children learn the basics about numbers and how they function as well as basic counting including additions and subtractions by kindergarten. This foundation knowledge is extremely important as it's through this that they will gain the proper grounding which will prepare them for more complex and tough mathematical tasks such as those they will learn in school.

It would be extremely difficult for a person who hasn't learnt basic counting to master complicated lessons in mathematics or even carry out simple daily tasks such as travelling and buying things. This is the reason why all the Best Nurseries in Dubai place a lot of emphasis on teaching numbers to their students who are of the right age. This concept is also followed at Kidville, a top Preschool Nursery in Dubai,  and has shown remarkable results.

So, if you want to give your child the best start in life when it comes to numbers and counting, here are some helpful steps for you. These methods are practised by the leading Kids nurseries in Dubai too.

  • Teach them to count from one to 10. Most children find this easy. It would be even easier if the numbers are taught to them as a song or verse so they can repeatedly recite it until it's memorised. They will learn even better if teaching is made into a sensory experience. For instance, they can be provided with 10 pencils, balls or other items or shown the numbers with the fingers.

  • Introduce the numbers as visuals. Write them (1 to 10) on a board or paper and say the numbers out loud while showing the image to the child so that they will learn to connect the number with its visual image. Cards with numbers can also be used once the child is somewhat familiar with them.

  • Focus attention on each number separately. Take each number beginning with 1 and discuss it with the child. Write the number as well as the word and show a finger, pencil, ball, etc. to illustrate the point clearly. Move onto 2 only after the child is completely clear about number 1. While discussing each number, show them how to write it in the correct manner. Give them also a chance to write the numbers so they also become familiar with how the numbers sound like and look.

  • Children will understand the idea better when it's linked to an image. Always show the number in images, ex. one apple, two eyes, three trees, etc. Touch is also important for the same reason. Show them the relevant number of fingers, pencils, etc.

  • Knowing the sequence of numbers is just as important as knowing the numbers so teach this in a clear and easily understood manner. Giving them cards with the different numbers and asking them to sort them out is a good way to do this. You can also write the numbers on a board, erase some of them in between and ask the child to fill in the blanks. You don't always have to start at number 1, as the child learns the concept, you can start at another number and proceed from there up to 10.

  • You can introduce the child to number games to make learning easier and more interesting. There are many games including board games where children have to know the number of dots on the dice to proceed.

  • Counting and numbers songs can be used to help children learn numbers and their sequence. Picture books with bright and beautiful colours will also help.

  • You can practice counting with your child throughout the day even outside the normal study hours. If you are washing plates, placing books on a rack or folding clothes, you can ask the child how many of each item is there.

  • Basic counting can be taught by first introducing a number of items, then adding or removing some of them and again asking how many are there now. They should also be taught whether a particular number is less or more than another number. Comparing numbers, whether one group of pencils is bigger or smaller than another group or equal in size are some of the themes which need to be discussed.

They will learn things better if they are incorporated into a daily routine outside the study sessions. It should be kept in mind to praise them when they do well, but never to scold them if they aren't successful initially. These methods have been successfully used at some of the Best Nurseries in Dubai such as Kidville and they will continue to show success with other kids too.

Fun Activities for Toddlers and PreschoolersEdit

You would know how difficult it is to keep a kid still for longer than 10 minutes. When it comes to a group of kids, we don't even need to talk about it to see what the experience must be like. So, you can imagine what the situation must be like in a nursery school.

But when it comes to Kidville, the leading Kids nursery Dubai, managing a group of unruly kids is not a problem at all. This is because they have the best games and fun activities which are bound to keep any child of whatever age and temperament hooked. Since Kidville is one of the Best Nurseries in Dubai with its preschoolers coming from far and wide, it's no wonder that they have to devise the most innovative activities to keep the children busy and out of trouble.

There are many fun activities which are recommended by child psychologists and experts which are specifically designed to aid the physical and mental development of children. Some of these are outdoor activities while some can be played indoors. The latter would come in handy especially during bouts of bad weather when neither children nor adults can venture outdoors.

While games and activities are fun for toddlers and small children, they also teach them valuable lessons in life. They boost mental and physical growth, as stated above, and promote creativity and early learning among children. Apart from games, there are numerous other activities such as music and dancing, arts and crafts, cooking and basic academic skills which would all contribute to the healthy growth of children.

When designing activities for the Kids nursery Dubai, the different ages of the children have to be taken into account. This is important as toddlers will require activities which are different to those required by older preschoolers. Activities for preschoolers need to be a little more advanced, a little more complex and delicate and geared a little more towards academic development as the particular age group would soon be starting school. In a place such as Kidville, where all these age groups come together, everyone will have to look after and catered to and this is exactly what the Kids nursery in Dubai does, and this is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

However, just because an activity is suitable for children of a particular age, it doesn't mean that it will suit all children from that age group either. For instance, one three-year-old child may not be so receptive to an activity which is loved and enjoyed by all the other three-year-olds in a preschool. This may due to the individual needs, likes and dislikes of that child and the phase and rate of growth inherited by the child. This is why preschool staff should pay individual attention to each child under their care so that all children thrive.

We know how challenging it is to keep young children occupied, calm and quiet at all times. However, with the right activities such as those practised at Kidville, one of the Best Nurseries in Dubai, we can guarantee your children will return home with a smile on their face after having a productive day of learning, playing and fun at school. Since there are a large number of different activities drawn up, each child is bound to enjoy at least some of them, if not all.

The Grandest Party for Your ChildEdit

There is no child who wouldn't want to have a grand party for their birthday. And if their friends remember and talk about it for years to come, for all the right reasons of course, so much the better. What goes into a memorable children's party which every invitee enjoys and remembers for a long time include the atmosphere, food and beverages, activities and games and the fun times at the party overall.

If anyone in Dubai wants to organise such a birthday party for their child, one of the first names that will come to their mind is Kidville. But Kidville is a kids nursery in Dubai, isn't it? You might think. Yes, that's right, it's one of the best nurseries in Dubai. However, its reputation as one of the leading organisers of birthday parties for children in Dubai is not second to its fame as a kids nursery in Dubai.

Why is Kidville so popular for organising birthday parties? Because they take care of every aspect of the party, from the invitations to the entertainment, completely taking away the hassle and worries for the parents. Kidville parties are legendary for the fun and entertainment they provide everyone who takes part, whether it's the birthday girl/boy or the invitees. And the best part is that all this is done without making it a nerve-wracking experience for the parents who are throwing the party.

It's not for nothing that Kidville has been named one of the '10 Best Birthday Party Places' by the Parents  magazine' and is also recognised as "the place for birthday parties in cities around the world including in Dubai".

So, how do they make this possible? It's all thanks to the specialised birthday party team at Kidville. They handle every single item on the party agenda, right from planning the event to its execution so that all that is left for the parents of the birthday girl/boy is to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves with the star of the day.

While Kidville offers two all-inclusive party packages from which parents can make their choice, if the client wishes so, even a customised party based on individual preferences can be arranged. There are many themes which Kidville has specially designed for birthday parties, some of which are Rockin' Railroad Birthday Bash: All Aboard The Train, Rockin' the Charts: A Musical Adventure Party, Jumpin' Gym Party, Pretty in Pink Ballerina Party, Royal Princess and Knight Party, Wiggle Giggle for Ones, Superhero Birthday Bash, Sizzling Spectacular Science Party, Treasure Hunt Party, ABC 123 Party, Little Explorers Safari Adventure Party, Toot Toot Beep Beep Transportation Party, The Ultimate All-Star Gym Party, Crafty Creations Party, Slumber Party: Slumber Away During the Day, Fly Me to the Moon Space Party, Dino-Mite Party and Under the Big Top Kidville's Circus Party.

While Kidville organises the best parties in town, it's kids nursery in Dubai can never be forgotten. Being one of the best nurseries in Dubai, Kidville strives to achieve its goal of making the lives of families with young children easier and better. This, they accomplish by providing a safe, clean and fun environment for its young students to learn, play and grow. Kidville has three nurseries in different locations in Dubai as well as nurseries in the USA and Canada. 

On a Musical Journey With Kidville  Edit

Music has the power to heal; this we have known for centuries! It has been used to tackle depression, energise people and make them motivated to achieve bigger things in life. Music, most people believe, has the magical power to improve people's lives. It's a tool which can be used to enhance, improve and develop human lives while also working as a stress-buster.

Music, it's said, has an effect on the development of children's brains. Though this phenomenon is not yet fully understood or explained, it's referred to as 'the Mozart effect'. It's part of the trend of producing CDs and DVDs of classical music for the consumption of children in the hope that music will help them develop mentally into more productive human beings. Research has showed that children who listened to the composer Mozart and played the piano showed the higher aptitude for mathematics than other children of the same age.

This is the reason that music is used from the preliminary stages in nursery schools across the world and the Best Nurseries in Dubai are no exception. Music plays a large part in the curriculum of Kidville, a leading Kids nursery Dubai. Its role as a music and dance studio has been welcomed by its students and much appreciated by parents.

The Kids nursery Dubai uses music in its classes with the participation of children from all ages. Some of the music programme it offers students are Rockin' Railroad, Rockin' Railroad: Unplugged and I'm With the Band, which are all of the 45-minute duration.

The first is a musical adventure for children up to five years of age where parents can also participate. The class utilises a rockin' crew and 'conductor' on the journey with a four-piece children's band which will take its students through aspects of music such as tempo, rhythm, word recognition and sound identification. A different instrument and musical genre would be explored by the class each week.

The Unplugged version of the above programme is for children of up to one year of age. This class incorporates some of the items described above and parents can take part in it. However, they are designed, keeping very young children below one year in mind, and, therefore, includes movement songs, lap activities, shared musical story time, group drumming exploration and bubble games too.

The third programme is only for students and the age group is three, four and five years. This class is designed to identify musical talents among the students. Children can explore theories of music, design their own musical instruments, learn elements of performance such as backup singing and mike techniques and even write their own music and songs. A special show will be organised at the last class of the semester where the children can showcase their newly learnt skills to their parents.

The Rockin' Railroad classes have been described as "the don't miss the class of the year" by the magazine New York Family. This speaks volumes about the success of the music classes offered by Kidville, the Kids nursery Dubai.

An Enjoyable Haircut for Children Edit

Giving a kid a haircut is never easy. Firstly, they never stay in one place long enough for a delicate job such as a haircut to be completed. Some children get scared at the sight of all the scissors, brushes and other paraphernalia which is present in a hair salon and start screaming and shouting, disturbing everybody else around them. Meanwhile, there may be other kids who have ideas of their own about how their hair should be done.

Anyway, their attitudes, tempers and general feelings would all contribute to giving a hair cut a very stressful and nerve-wracking experience for not only the parents of the respective children but also the stylists at the salon too. However, these tantrums and difficulties are not witnessed by the parents or stylists at the Kidville Salons which currently operate in several US locations. Kidville operates a network of nurseries in the USA and Canada and has three branches in the United Arab Emirates as well. A top Kids nursery Dubai, Kidville operates from The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence at Dubai Marina, Al Safa in Jumeirah and Grand Piazza in Uptown Mirdiff. The Kidville Salon is such a popular feature among parents in America that it wouldn't be surprising if parents of the nursery students at other locations including Dubai soon demand the service at their branches too. As we all know, keeping children still in one place for any length of time is extremely difficult. They are 'oh so active' and so full of energy that they seem to be almost bursting with it. However, a hair stylist would find this a nightmare when he/she is faced with a kid who is constantly moving and shifting while being seated on the salon styling chair. Another danger associated with this is that it can lead to injuries with the children constantly pulling and prodding at the stylists' equipment. The stylists can also get distracted by the noise and activity of the children. Thus, it would be a dream to take your child for his/her haircut to a place like the Kidville Salon. The secret here is that the children are provided with a lot of activities which would make the whole experience at the salon a fun and enjoyable one for them. The wide range of toys, games and DVDs which are suitable for children would ensure that the little bundles of energy are kept absorbed and attracted to the fun activity for the entire duration of the haircut. Thus, they won't make any fuss on the styling chair, making the experience bearable for themselves, their parents and the stylists as well. Of course, it goes without saying that it would be preferred by other clients at the salon too. It offers a relaxing time for all concerned including the children. What's more, the services are offered at a 15 percent off discounted rate for Kidville members so that they can avail themselves of the salon facilities. Parents of this Kids nursery Dubai look forward to the day when such facilities will be offered at the Dubai branches too.

Introducing Kids to Sports Edit

All parents want their children to be good at sports as much as education and other extracurricular activities. Children would have as head-start in all areas including sports if they had been introduced to them at a young age, preferably when they are still infants.

Of course, each child would have his/her interests when it comes to sports, just like in all other areas, but if at least the basics can be instilled in them while still young, it could be considered as half the job being done.

Learning a sport is good for a child for a number of reasons. Apart from the direct benefits of a healthy life; building muscle, fitness and stamina; and increasing physical and mental strength, sports can help children develop a sense of oneself, self-esteem, positive attitude and many other lessons which would help them later in life - working towards the achievement of goals, team spirit and perseverance, for starters.

So, how does one introduce one's child to sports? Most children who take up sports early in life drop out when the activity loses the element of fun and becomes dull and boring. It's important that parents also do a bit of studying when it comes to deciding which sports may better suit their children. Although the kid has to later decide whether they want to stick with a certain sport, or move over to something more interesting for them, at the initial stage a parent, by observation, can decide whether the child seems to display an aptitude for a particular sport.

A child may want to take part in sporting activities their friends also take part in, so talking to other parents would be a start. Without forcing a certain sport on your child, you should give them several options and allow them to make their choice. If children want to take up a different activity than what had initially been decided for them, they should be given the freedom to do so, especially when they reach an age where they can make decisions for themselves. A parent's involvement is vital for younger children, however, and they should get choices which don't require huge commitments, either in the way of time or energy spent on the activity.  

The sporting activities conducted at Kidville, the Kids nursery Dubai, are designed to develop a toddler's gross motor skills, coordination, balance and agility. These would go a long way in initiating children to sports in the long term. Kidville, the nursery in Mirdiff has many programmes with interesting titles such as Big Muscle Builders, Big Muscle Playtime, Big Muscle Workout, Big Muscles for Little Babies, Kidville Baseball, Kidville Basketball, Kidville Gymnasts, Kidville Soccer, Kidville Sports and Kidville Tumblers.

When it comes to sports, the sky is basically the limit. So give the freedom to your child to choose what they want, based on their likes and dislikes and capabilities. Just because you want your child to become the next Serena Williams or Novak  Djokovic, doesn't mean they would want to take up tennis. Who knows, they may be the next Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Usain Bolt in the making.

Kidville, for the Best Parties in TownEdit

Looking for a nice and convenient place to host your child's birthday party this year? You have one place in mind, your spouse has another and the said child, the would-be star of the proposed event, has yet another idea. So how do you arrive at a compromise and most importantly, how do you decide on the venue for the event?

First of all, you must select an organiser which has a reputation for hosting hassle-free events. You could do some research on the internet, ask around and get opinions from people who have successfully hosted children's birthday parties. If you had been to a child's birthday party recently which had impressed you, you can get the relevant information from the parents.

The venue is most important when it comes to hosting a party. Consider the localities of the guests you would be inviting for the do. The location should be easily accessible to most of the guests as well as to you.

The food and beverages served and the games and activities on offer should be of interest to children and keep them occupied for over one hour. If the guests lose interest after a while, that won't be a very successful party now, is it?

Kidville has earned a reputation, not only as a top nursery in Dubai, but also as one of the best venues in the country for hosting birthday bashes for children. Its parties are so legendary, in fact, that it had been voted among the '10 Best Birthday Party Places' by the Parents magazine.

Kidville offers three packages as party options including a custom package where clients can select the theme they want. If a child is interested in a particular theme, the professionals at the company would be more than willing to  oblige and ensure that every aspect has been looked to and every requirement including the relevant decor fulfilled to make the event everything that the birthday boy/girl dreamed of and then more.

The other two packages are Kidville Jumpin Gym Party and the Big Blowout Party. The first is for a 90-minute party for a minimum of 10 children while the second is for a two-hour party for a minimum of 15 children where the client can select the theme. Structured games with prizes; pizza and juice with chicken nuggets or French fries; a platter of carrots, celery sticks and hummus; decorations including balloons, bouquet and birthday banner; party favours for each child; Kidville invitations; free parking and add-ons are available for both packages. While the first package provides two party leaders to set up the party, organise everything and clean up afterwards, the second package offers three. The Big Blow Out package also gets an art table as an addition. The add-ons could be professional photography or videography, additional entertainment, food and drinks for adult participants or a tiered cake.

Kidville has several venues spread across Dubai including the nursery in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence), Mirdiff and Al Safa, Jumeirah.

==Ensuring the Safety of All Preschoolers

A nursery has to fulfil so many requirements for parents to choose it to send their beloved offspring. Some of the most important criteria are location and how close it's from their home or place of work, the cost, capability and professionalism of the staff, curriculum, environment and hours of operation. Equally important is the safety of the nursery, both inside and outside, ex. that of the surrounding environment and neighbourhood.

When selecting the location for a nursery, it's important to opt for one which is considered safe and secure. Although a nursery should be easily accessible, it's better if it's not located on a busy main road where children might run out into the road and get into accidents. If it's in a busy neighbourhood, it's important that children cannot get onto the road and that doors and gates are secured at all times.

However, safety in a nursery is not all about its surroundings. There are many aspects which need to be looked at and it's important that the staff be trained to deal with such issues. They should be qualified and interested in dealing with children, be aware of first-aid techniques and most of all, there should be enough staff to keep every child in the nursery as well as every area in the premises where children gather under supervision. All areas of the nursery including classrooms and play areas should be arranged in such a manner that they, as well as all children, can be monitored at all times.

As hygiene plays a large role in safety, a preschool should have clean washrooms while the playthings, toys and equipment should also be cleaned and sanitised every evening. Wet and slippery areas where children may trip and fall, jagged edges which could cause accidents and broken shards of glass and sharp pieces of plastic or metal shouldn't be around in a preschool. Likewise, it's important that all electrical equipment as well as plugs and switches are regularly checked for safety.

If the preschool serves food to the students, food safety regulations should be followed. Even if the children bring food from home for consumption, proper hygienic practices such as washing hands with soap and water, using clean cutlery, etc should be followed and promoted.

Special care should be taken around the play area to ensure that no accidents or injuries take place. Equipment such as swings and slides must be regularly checked for safety while a soft ground covering should be used to cushion falls. There should be no protruding parts or jagged edges which may cause injuries. Guard rails should be installed at all elevated areas.

There may be many chemicals in a preschool, for example cleaning solutions and detergents, medications and first-aid solutions. These should be kept out of the reach of children. The staff should be aware of how to administer first-aid if a child accidentally consumes a toxic substance. Children should also be trained through drills to behave in situations where the safety of the premises may be breached, for example, during a fire or gas leak.

Precautionary measures and safety rules should be put up throughout the premises, both in simple language and graphics, so that children also understand what they should do in an emergency situation. These should also highlight simple good habits such as washing hands after play sessions and before eating and covering the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Also important is to establish a routine for children to be dropped off and picked up from school. The nursery staff should know who is picking up the children, and if anyone other than the parents are entrusted with this task, who exactly would be handling this. A very responsible kids nursery in Dubai when it comes to safety issues is Kidville which is located at multiple venues. The nursery in Mirdiff places high priority on the safety of all its students and all its safety regulations are drawn with this goal in mind.

Selecting the Most Suitable Preschool for Your ChildEdit

You wouldn't enrol your child in any other school, would you? You would ask around; consult other parents who have children in those schools, teachers in those schools; speak to other family members and friends. In short, you are going to spend a lot of time and energy in your quest to find the right school for your child. It's not going to be a spur-of-the-moment decision where you see a school and enrol your child there.

Likewise, finding the most suitable nursery for your child is also a big decision and would probably set the tone for the rest of your child's education and his/her future as well. Therefore, it's not something which you should take lightly and choose without much thinking.

There are hundreds and thousands of nurseries in any country or city. These may differ in a variety of ways through the language of teaching, the methods of teaching used, whether they belong to any particular religion etc. The range that is available may simply be mind-boggling. So how does a parent decide which are the Best Nurseries in Dubai and settle on the best choice for their darling boy or girl?

Once you have done your initial research and made a list of the possible choices available for your child, you should try to narrow it down further. Factors which may have to be taken into account are distance from your home or workplace to the preschool, costs involved, the philosophy employed by the school in teaching young children and whether you are alright with it, whether the school is accredited, whether it has clear and consistent policies and regulations, the teacher to student ratio which should be lower in a good school, etc. The staff turnover in a school is also an indication of how a particular school would be as how happy the staff is would have a direct bearing on how happy your child would be there.

After you have whittled your list even further based upon the above criteria, you can start paying visits to the nurseries that have made it to the list. Some of the people you should see and speak to are the school's director, teachers and other staff who would be working with your child directly. Observing their nature, whether they are friendly, warm and helpful to the children, is also important. You can also ask the school to provide you with some names of people who have enrolled their children in that school in order to get the correct picture.

The first visit should be for the parents only. If you are satisfied, you can bring the child along and see how he/she behaves in that environment and how the teachers and staff interact with the child; whether the experience is one which the child would want to be repeated.

Trusting your instinct would be most important here. If you feel uncomfortable about anything related to the school, whether it's about safety and security in its neighbourhood, the cleanliness of the place or the nature of the staff, it's better to strike it off your list. After all, it's your child's education and future we are talking about here.

Coming back to the Best Nurseries in Dubai, one of the best which comes highly recommended by all parents who have enrolled children there is Kidville. Since it has nurseries being operated at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence,  38 35 Street, Al Safa and Grand Piazza (near Spinneys), it would simply be a matter of selecting which location is closest to you.

How Puzzles Help Children's Brain Development  Edit

Puzzles have puzzled humankind for centuries. They come in many forms - jigsaws, crosswords, sudoku and a countless number of other shapes, sizes and colours. Puzzles have been touted as an important instrument in the development of a child's brain and mind. But how exactly does this happen?

According to child psychologists, the development of a growing child's brain is significantly influenced when he/she acts on or manipulates the world around him/her. Such significant opportunities are provided by puzzles. By working on puzzles, children learn to work directly with their environment as well as learning to change its shape and appearance.

Improving hand to eye coordination is one of the most important aspects of puzzles. When children work on a puzzle, they will place, remove, turn over and flip pieces of it. They will thus get an understanding about the connection between their hands and eyes. When a puzzle is seen by the eyes, it sends a message a to the brain which decides how the completed puzzle should look like. Then the hands, eyes and brain work in coordination to identify the necessary pieces of the puzzle from the remaining lot and place them correctly to form the complete picture.

They also teach gross motor skills involving movements such as walking and fine motor skills such as those necessary to carry out delicate tasks such as writing and drawing to children.

Learning to recognise shapes and sort them out accordingly is an important part in the development of children, especially very young kids. Simple puzzles which require the sorting out of various shapes before they are assembled would be very important to them.

Puzzles can also teach problem solving and logical thinking skills which are vital to a person. Making decisions on where the pieces of a puzzle may fit involves these skills and there are no shortcuts to completing a puzzle. Completing something by using their own minds is a valuable lesson which they teach.

Assembling puzzles will also improve a child's memory power. While working through a puzzle, a child will have to take out pieces and if they don't fit, put them aside and get another piece. Later they will come to need the first piece again and should be able to remember what it looked like in order to see whether it will fit in there.

They will also learn to set small goals in the road to achieving the bigger goal. In this instance, it may be to do the outside sections of the puzzle first before moving into the middle or sorting out the pieces first based on colour, shape, size, etc. before starting to work on the puzzle. However, their eventual goal would be to complete the puzzle.

The importance of puzzles to young children's development has been realised by most preschools which now use them as a method of teaching. Puzzles are one of the vital tools employed by Kidville, a leading Preschool Nursery in Dubai. It has become very popular among both students and parents, so much so that most of their students reach for puzzles even outside the nursery premises.

Getting Children Used to NurseryEdit

Most children are terrified at the thought of starting preschool. We see them often at nurseries, hiding behind their parents who come to drop them off, screaming at the top of their voices and generally giving a hard time to the parents, teachers, the other staff and children. Sometimes, one child starts the racket and is soon joined by 10 others.

The reason, more often than not, is not that they don't like the nursery or the staff, but because they are scared of parting from their parents. They are fearful of embracing the unknown while tearing themselves away from familiar territory and familiar people.

So, how does one ensure that one's child gets used to nursery life as easily as a duck gets to water, without throwing temper tantrums every morning while getting ready for preschool? There is a lot that parents can and should do in order to make their children acclimatise well to life at the nursery and thus life at school a few years later.

Most preschool teachers are of the opinion that although kids should be prepared for the experience of attending nursery, it shouldn't be drilled into them in such a manner that it becomes a huge event in their lives and would overwhelm them. Starting to talk to them about preschool months ahead is not such a great idea, they say. Instead, it's better to start preparing them in a casual manner about a month before they start school. It's better to focus on the fun experiences they will have in school, the games they will get to play, the friends they will meet etc.

Daily routines and schedules can help ease the transition from home to a nursery for most children as a routine would give them an idea of what to expect next. They will soon get used to the daily schedule and look forward to performing the different activities of the day at the relevant time. Thus, it will work in giving them an awareness about the concept of time as well. This could work as the first step in getting them ready for established routines and timetables and prepare them for the most demanding schedules of school life.

Getting children immersed in nature early in life will go a long way in helping them adjust to life outside the home. By stoking their interest in nature, wildlife, plants, the sun, the air and everything they see around them, they will become curious and want to learn more about them. Preschool, they should be told, is where they will learn all about these 'outside things'.

A top Kids nursery in Dubai, Kidville ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ensuring that a fun, safe and clean environment is provided for all children to learn, play and grow. In fact, some of its young students consider it as a place which is even better than home.

Kidville has the play and exploration activities which are designed to offer fun and age-appropriate classes where each child can learn at their own pace. The method of teaching employed at the Kids nursery in Dubai will instill confidence in every child, helping them grow mentally, physically and socially in a safe, stimulating environment.

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